C-9671 Throwing the Ninja Star of Death

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Every bit of information is authentic and accurate in every detail, taken from the teachings of the Ninja from the past and right up to the present. This book is the definitive text on the use of the Shuriken. Learn the deadly art of Shuriken-jitsu from the legendary Ninja, masters of weapons, espionage, and assassination. A complete practical guide to training is outlined. Instructions are given for manufacturing Shurikens and special Ninja training targets. Train safely with live opponents. Throwing and hand to hand combat techniques with the shuriken are presented. Explore the secrets and skills necessary for actual combat. Methods of carrying, concealment, and quick drawing are covered intensively. Defense against the Shuriken, treating Shuriken wounds, poison Shuriken, explosive Shuriken, flaming Shuriken, strategy-all this and more. 5.5" X 8.5", 34 pages.