C-9013 HK Assault Rifle Systems


The tough G3 rifle and its huge number of spinoffs has long been a favorite of soldiers, policemen, and civilians alike for some time. Well-designed and tough, these firearms are often found in the hands of anti-terrorist groups including the DELTA Force as well as agents with the FBI, DEA, and BATF. Now firearms expert Duncan Long reveals the little known history behind this fascinating family of weapons, tracing its beginnings from the ashes of WWII to the present time. Long includes behind-the-scenes looks at little-known versions of the rifle and tells how some off the shelf versions have proven to be better than guns specified by military purchases. The book goes on to show the probable direction Heckler & Koch’s designs will take in the future and tells why the G3 and its variants will remain popular during much of the next century. The author also examines customized versions of the .308, .223, and 9mm rifles and submachine guns and semi-auto versions as well as other chamberings of the G3 spinoffs (like the HK-91/93/94, SR-9, SAR-3/8, SP-89, etc.). The HK11/21/23 and other machine guns are also explored with a whole chapter of the book devoted to Heckler & Koch and aftermarket accessories. Whether you’re a SWAT team leader searching for a weapon to get you out of tight spots, a citizen wanting a quality self-defense gun, or just interested in the many spinoffs of this family of firearm, you’ll find this invaluable. 81/2x11, 128 pgs, illus., softcvr.