C-9623 Blade's Guide to Knives & Their Values

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The most trusted name in knife references delivers a must-have resource for any knife enthusiast in BLADEs Guide to Knives & Their Values. A format collectors know and rely on helps creates a strong foundation for this book’s expanded coverage of collectible custom knives and modern production models. Guide to Knives & Their Values includes up-to-date pricing, lists of custom knifemakers and companies, 2,000+ photos to assist with identification, a basic guide to buying, selling and trading knives, and an expanded history of pioneer knife makers of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Feature articles highlight the history of knives and recent trends within the industry, while updated reference sections outline the best in company-made collectibles and the impact the Internet has had on the hobby. From antique knife collectors to custom knife makers, everyone with any interest in knives will appreciate the revival of this industry leader.* More than 2,000 photos for easy identification* Features updated values and new articles and more chapters * Contains in-depth history of pioneer knife makers 8.5 x 11 , 576 pages, photos, softcover.