C-058 Brass Knuckle Bible: A Manual of Concealed Weapons by Rexer, Fred Jr. by Rexer, Fred Jr.

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Guess what’s waiting outside! Yes, there he is. He was released from the county jail this morning by the public defender’s office. He’s been arrested for assault seventeen times-no convictions. He has high legal fees to pay, and a $400 a day dope requirement. Unfortunately, his welfare check won’t even pay for the swastikas on his jacket, so he’s decided to go through your pockets. Since he’s professional at his trade, he’s already decided to crush your skull with his truncheon to keep your mouth shut - permanently. Too bad you hadn’t read The Brass Knuckle Bible. If you had, you’d have known all about the right concealed weapons, and you’d have been prepared to turn that dope fiend’s head into a greasy cloud of bucolic haze with a four-ounce squeeze on a case hardened trigger. 81/2 x51/2 , 52 pp., soft cover.