DVD-335 Bretta PX4 Storm Pistol DVD, 120 Mins

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 Bob Dunlap is a renowned expert on many firearms, including Beretta pistols, rifles and shotguns. He is a big fan of Beretta, both for their history, design and execution of their products.

For those of you looking for practical instruction in how to get your Px4 pistol completely apart, clean, troubleshoot, make common repairs, and get your gun back together  and operating properly with none of those pesky and embarrassing leftover parts, you have come to the right place. Bob uses a cut away gun so that you can actually see how the internal parts function and their relationship to one another. This will help you to understand the design and function of these guns.

Among the items covered in this DVD are:


    Beretta is the oldest company in the world that has been in continuous operation to the present. It began operations 500 years ago with an order for 185 arquebus barrels from the Arsenal of Venice and is still owned and operated by the Beretta family.
    The Px4 is made in Italy, not the American plant in Accokeek, MD where the military and civilian M4 and M92 Berettas are produced.

Design & Function

     Rotating locking system is shown and explained

Double Action Only Gun

     The loading, chambering, ignition, extraction, ejection, reloading cycle is shown and described
     A cut-away gun is used to illustrate and demonstrate the guns design and function, including the trigger/fire control system.
    How the drawbar, sear, hammer, and disconnector operate and interact is shown and demonstrated
      Loading function is demonstrated
    Feeding and ejection and the operation of the ejector are shown
    How a controlled feed extractor works, and why it is superior to push feed
    Trigger/Drawbar described as weak point and reason given
    Slide removal is shown and the improvement over the system of the similar Glock
     Loose breach described, shown, problems and cure explained
    Extractor hook design lauded and explained
    Manufacturer of the magazine identified and its high quality product mentioned
    Firing pin blocking safety identified and operation shown
    Ejector identified and operation shown
    Slide stop identified and operation shown

Double Action/Single Action Pistol

    Operation of the single action system shown
    Function and operation of the sear trip lever shown
    How the slide mounted thumb safety prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin when the safety is on
    Safety design and operation


    Ken Brooks demonstrates complete disassembly, special attention given to parts that should not be disassembled under normal circumstances & why
    Noted are parts under spring tension so they are not launched into Never Never Land
    Use of a digital camera or cell phone camera during the disassembly is very useful during the reassembly process
    Magazine removal and disassembly
    Discussion of AGI Disassembly/Reassembly method shown and its reason for use
    Slide removal and disassembly, DA/SA gun includes removal of slide mounted safety
    Frame disassembly
    Fire control assembly removes as a unit, its disassembly shown

Cleaning & Lubrication

    AGI cleaning & lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use
    After cleaning, dry with air gun, a hair dryer, or in the oven on Warm ~185-200 degrees (metal parts ONLY)
    What oil AGI likes to lube the gun with during assembly


    Making sure you have no parts left over
    In many cases the order of assembly is important, Ken shows you the correct order
    Assembly is in reverse order of disassembly
    Getting the right pieces in the right places, the easiest way possible
    Using the proper tool to help you line up the parts to accept their pins

Troubleshooting & Repair

Fitting the extractor to snap over

    Advantage of mechanically turned off safety over spring turn on
    Problems with trigger bar turning safety off
    How DAO gun sear can wear


120 Minutes

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