C-9168 The Devil's Secret Name

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Highly acclaimed author and Vietnam combat verteran, Jim Morris, found himself in the middle of seven wars on three continents in the early 1980s as a correspondent for a national magazine.  While witnessing the wars in countries such as Cambodia, El Salvador, Lebanon and Israel, he discovered proof that the same people, the Soviet KGB, were supporting these wars being waged around the world.  He determined most of these small, brush-fire wars were and still are simply an extension of the Vietnam war.

In addition, Morris shares his experiences as a freelance 'soldier of fortune' fighting with his beloved Montagnards in Cambodia after America's withdrawal from Vietnam.  Realizing that without international credibility their war was lost, he returns home to publicize their forlorn situation.  He shares how eventually he is successful in helping to bring out many Montagnard refugees to the safety and freedom of the U.S..

Whether you agree or disagree with the many assessments by Morris of the current state of affairs in the third world wars, you will find this book presents exciting, action-filled tales of love, war, intrigue, and betrayal as you, to, become hooked on the lure of combat...the Devil's Secret Name.

6-1/4" x 9-1/4", 304 pages, hardcover w/dustcover