C-9682 Firearms, Investigation, Indentification and Evidence

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A complete revision of General Julian S. Hatcher’s famous book, now out of print. New research was necessary, as well as several thousand miles of leg work, to produce this revised volume containing more than 90% new material. Frank J. Jury and Jae Weller collaborated with General hatcher in the compiling of the most complete and up-to-date work possible on this scientific subject. Data was secured from the most highly authoritative sources, and valuable assistance was rendered by renowned State and Federal criminologists, technicians, arms and ammunition manufacturers as well as by English experts in the science. A much sought after book on history of firearm identification, history of ammunition, marking of firearms and ammunition, explosives, general investigation of firearms crimes, laboratory findings and court testimony, etc. 536 pages, Illustrated, hardcover, 6” x 9”.