C-9359 FN-FAL Rifle Manual


Duncan Long, internationally recognized firearms expert and writer, presents a comprehensive study of one of the classic assault weapons of all times. He reveals the history of the firearm from its development to its apex of popularity when more than 79 countries of the world adopted it as their soldierÂ’s rifle.He provides the reader with detailed descriptions of the basic models that were produced by Fabrique Nationale and the myriad of variants that evolved as a result of its universal acceptance. Long gives an unbiased view of the operation of the weapon, defining both positive and negative attributes. He also covers the care and maintenance of the FN-Fal including a detailed description on field-stripping the firearm. This book is a must for both owners and potential owners of the FN-FAL. Softcvr 148 pgs. 5.5 x 8.5 .