C-840 Freedom Road


Harold Hough had a house, two cars, and a high-paying, high status job. On the surface he was living the American Dream. Underneath, he was in trouble. He was so far in debt that even two incomes couldnÂ’t cover the bills. there was no time for the family, he was overweight and irritable. His life was falling apart fast and it looked like there was no way out. Then Harold found Freedom road. He made a plan, paid off his debts, bought an RV and hit the road. He took control of his life away from his employer, his bank, his government and his community. You can be like Harold, eliminate the ties that bind , buy the best RV, discover the best places to live for free, make money from your hobbies, love the road. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 174 pages, illus., & softcover.