C-9624 100 Legendary Knives

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Knife collectors and enthusiasts are treated to a beautiful, full-color view of the best custom knives available from European and American custom knifemakers. Presents magnificent knives created by individuals and at the factory along with a short biography of each knifemaker including factors influencing design and favorite knife styles. Enthusiasts can trace the evolution of knives from ancient times to the military combat models and general use models of today. This pictorial history features coverage of straight blades, folders, and multi-tools. A glossary is provided to explain common knifemaking terms, and an index lets readers quickly find a particular model or knifemaker. More than 300 models are pictured. Color coverage of the best knives from American and European custom knifemakers.  Trace the evolution of knives through a pictorial history of ancient knives to the military combat models and general use knives of today.  Reference section includes a glossary and index.

143 pages, 12 x 10, softcover, photos.