C-9752 The M1911 Complete Assembly Guide (Vol 2)

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The M1911 Complete Assembly Guide is a companion volume to the author's The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide. Lavishly illustrated, The M1911 Complete Assembly Guide is far more than a traditional "how-to" book. Based on the experiences of a diversified build team, the TIPS, TRICKS, and PITFALLS characteristic of Walt Kuleck's previous Complete Assembly Guides are more wide-ranging and encompassing than ever. Coached by pistolsmith Drake Oldham, the author and two "advanced amateurs" show how to assemble and upgrade the M1911. The team discovered on their journey toward understanding that many more "situations" arose than would have been the case if the author had been building a pistol "for The Guide" by himself. They share their experiences-including their missteps—as they build their pistols.

As a bonus, the Guide includes the report on a series of Drop Tests performed by Drake's Gun Works and the book team. The result of these tests shocked us; the new data from these tests is sure to rekindle the ongoing controversy about firing pin safeties.

The Assembly Guide goes far beyond the military manuals in both scope and depth. It’s a “must have” for every M1911 owner! The M1911 Complete Assembly Guide is 6" x 9", is Perfect bound with a laminated soft cover, and has 257 pages and over 400 photographs.