C-9593 The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge

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The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words
by Randy & Sara Weaver

The Story of Ruby Ridge Told by Randy Weaver and his daughter Sara

My name is Randy Weaver. I have been labeled a murderer, white supremacist, Aryan Nations gun runner and more. I was accused of killing my own son. My wife and chldren have been portrayed as cold-blooded killers and religious fanatics. Government agents said we livid in a mountain-top fortress surrounded by foxholes and booby traps. We were told that the Feds had to take Vicki out because she would have killed her children rather than let them be taken alive. Ridiculous! None of these accusations are true. They are all lies created by, or at least condoned by, the federal agencies involved. The mainstream media was only too happy to headline them as fact. For several years family and friends have encouraged us to do this book and let the whole world know the truth about the Federal siege on Ruby Ridge. We apologize for taking so long. It took at least three years after the siege for us to feel comfortable discussing this among ourselves, let alone share it with the world. The government believed we needed to be punished. After all, I broke a federal firearm law. They in turn, broke several laws, violated our civil rights and murdered my wife and son. Did my punishment fit the crime? According to the Feds, it did. You be the judge.

I am scared to remember those horrible days in August of 1992... It's private and personal, but it's not. I have no privacy left. It was gone with the first reporter, gone with the first camera. It was gone with the first journalist out to get the big story. The problem is, they don't know the story. No one does except my family. We lived it. With a heavy heart I begin the task of sharing our story with the world. Even now, sometimes my mind tricks me into believing it was all a dream. I am afraid that once I put it all down on paper, my mind will never trick me again.
Sara Weaver

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