HT325 Hellfire Gen 2 with AR-15 Grip


There is something so incredible and so NEW and it is called "HELLFIRE GEN 2" . It is the epitome of all any rapid fire system ever. From the inventor of the original and most famous rapid fire system ever this one use all new "Recoil Assist Technology" that allows for one handed operation. Unlike "Bumpfiring" this system allows for a firm grip on the gun grip and stock for optimum accuracy and controllability. All you have to do is squeeze the trigger to shoot at rates up to 900 rpm. It is ATF legal and compliant and comes with it's own certificate of legality. 

This HELL-Fire Gen 2 "Snap On" Trigger System fits the AR-15 and comes with the AR-15 Grip!

 This item is restricted in the following cities and/or statesCA, CT, DE, FL, HI, MD, MA, MN, NJ, RI, VT, & WA.