C-9637 Ruger & His Guns

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This book is about a man whose unflinching dedication to traditional yet innovative design and manufacturing excellence brought reasonably priced firearms to every phase of the shooting world. He built a company with meager beginnings into an industrial powerhouse that eclipsed his competitors, Colt®, Remington®, Smith & Wesson®, and Winchester®. He at one time or another during his career had the opportunity to acquire all of these companies, he declined and continued to grow Ruger. This lavish book is the official history of the man, his company and his guns. It features more than 185 color pictures and over 100 black-and-white illustrations. For the first time serial number tables are published for all models by years of manufacture. 360 pages, Hardcover and beautiful dust jacket.

Collector’s Edition Table of Markings Serial Numbers by Year for All Models Glossary