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Special Forces Unconventional Warfare, Techniques and Devices: Incendiaries
The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Primer Cookbook
Methods of Long Term Underground Storage
How to Build a Junkyard Still
Brass Knuckle Bible: A Manual of Concealed Weapons by Rexer, Fred Jr. by Rexer, Fred Jr.
Two Component High Explosive Mixtures
Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing
Backyard Catapults: How to Build Your Own
Ditching Your Debts
Home Workshop Parkerizing
Construction of Secret Hiding Places
How to Make Disposable Silencers Vol. I
Techniques of Safe and Vault Manipulation
Vigilante Handbook
Brown's Lawsuit Cookbook
Urban Combat
Butane Lighter Hand Grenade
Crossbows: from Thirty-Five Years with the Weapon
Poor Man's Rpg
The Private Weaponeer
CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices
Explosives and Propellants
Improvised Munitions from Ammonia Nitrate
Improvised Shaped Charges
How to Fit Keys by Impressioning
Lock Picking Simplified
Potato Bazooka: Aerosol Powered Vegetable Guns
Special Forces Demolitions Handbook
Bankruptcy, Credit and You
Basic Locksmithing
Clandestine Operations Manual
Clear Your Record and Own a Gun
Combination Lock Principles
Electronic Locks
How to Open Handcuffs Without Keys
Improvised Lock Picks
Keys to Understanding Tubular Locks
Killer Tactics
Lockout Techniques of Forced Entry
Military Ground Rappelling Techniques
Paintball Combat
The Squeaky Wheel
Undetectable Hand Grenades
U.S. Marine Battle Skills Manual
How to Train a Guard Dog
Advanced Homemade Fireworks
Simple Salutes A Professional Guide To Safe Firework Construction
.22 Caliber Cigarette Lighter Construction plans
Tune In On Telephone Calls
Dead or Alive
CIA Explosives For Sabotage
Elementary Field Interrogation
U. S. Marine Hand-To-Hand Combat
Action Careers
Concealed Carry Revealed
How to Open a Swiss Bank Account
How To Become A Class 3 Machine Gun Dealer
How To Obtain Gun Dealers Licenses
Confidential Guide To Wholesalers
Ferderal Firearm Laws
Federal Handbook of Firearms Curios & Relic Laws
Beat the Box
Military Mountaineering for Combat
Basic Parachuting Tech & Training
Terrorist Explosives Handbook
Vocational Guide Vol 1 for the Craft of Locksmithing
The Prepper's Guide to Caches: How to Bury, Hide, and Stash Guns and Gear
Getaway Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion
Lockout Techniques of Forced  Entry
Slim Jim - Lock out tool
Firecracker Cookbook
How to Build A Beer Can Mortar: Construction Plans and Parts List
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Criminal Investigations
Ruger 10-22 Carbine
40-MM Grenade Launchers
Nunchaku: Ninja Training
More Makeshift Workshop Skills
Evaluation of Improvised Shaped Charges
Backyard Medicine
Full Auto H&K 94
AR-15/ M-16 Assault Rifle Manual
Improvised Munitions TM 31- 210
How To Build Practical Firearm Suppressors
31 Days To Survival
Fighting Folders DVD
Lock Picking DVD
Deluxe Lockpicking Set 14 Pieces
Lockpicking Set 8 Pieces
Super Deluxe Lockpicking Set
How to Make Disposable Silencers Vol. II