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U.S. Air Force Aircrew Survival
Ranger Training and Operations
Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller
Special Forces Handbook
Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques References Tm 31-200-1
US Infantry Weapons in Combat Personal Experiences from World War II and Korea
Waffen SS: Hitler's Black Guard at War
Mountain Operations (FM 90-6)
The M1 Garand Owner's Guide
Mercenary Operations Manual
US Navy Seal Combat Manual
The Rough Riders
Live to Spend It
 USMC Bayonet Training
Company Officer's Handbook of the German Army
Dental Specialist
German Infantry Weapons
Guide to Germ Warfare
Leadership Handbook for Small Military Operations (The combat bookshelf)
Medical Specialist
Military Ground Rappelling Techniques
Ranger Training and Operations
Stanag Mil-Talk
Us Army Bayonet Manual
U.S. Marine Battle Skills Manual
Us Marine Corps Essential Subjects
Advanced Parachuting Techniques and Training
The Devil's Secret Name
Top Guns<br>America's Fighter Aces Tell Their Stories
A Rifleman Went To War
U.S. Army Counterterrorism Manual
Elementary Field Interrogation
Infantry Scouting, Patrolling, & Sniping.
Night Movements
U. S. Marine Hand-To-Hand Combat
Special Forces Military Free-Fall Parachuting
Survivability FM 5-103
Military Mountaineering for Combat
Napoleons Maxims Of War
Wear & Appearance of Uniforms & Insignia
Care and use of individual Clothing & Equipment
Desert Operations, FM90-3
Submarine Warriors
Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment TM10-276
Weapons of War
War Chronicles: How They Fought - How They Died - How They Won
The Cult Crushers
Military Insignia
Delta Americas Elite Counter Terrorist Force
Men of the Luftwaffe
German Army Order of Battle
Explosives and Demolitions
40-MM Grenade Launchers
Fighting with the Screaming Eagles