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Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller
Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques References Tm 31-200-1
US Infantry Weapons in Combat Personal Experiences from World War II and Korea
Mountain Operations (FM 90-6)
Mercenary Operations Manual
The Rough Riders
 USMC Bayonet Training
Leadership Handbook for Small Military Operations (The combat bookshelf)
Ranger Training and Operations
Stanag Mil-Talk
The Devil's Secret Name
Top Guns<br>America's Fighter Aces Tell Their Stories
A Rifleman Went To War
Survivability FM 5-103
Military Mountaineering for Combat
Napoleons Maxims Of War
Wear & Appearance of Uniforms & Insignia
Desert Operations, FM90-3
Submarine Warriors
Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment TM10-276
Weapons of War
War Chronicles: How They Fought - How They Died - How They Won
The Cult Crushers
Military Insignia
Delta Americas Elite Counter Terrorist Force
Men of the Luftwaffe
German Army Order of Battle
Explosives and Demolitions
40-MM Grenade Launchers
Fighting with the Screaming Eagles