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Prepper's Instruction Manual: 50 Steps to Prepare for any Disaster
Prepper's Instruction Manual: 50 Steps to Prepare for any Disaster



If your community was hit with a major disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or radiological release, how would you handle it? Would you be forced to fall into line with hundreds of thousands of others who are so woefully unprepared? Or do you possess the knowledge and supplies to adapt and survive? Do you have a carefully stocked pantry, a method to retrieve and purify water, a source for generating electricity, and the means to protect your family from desperate criminals? In short, are you a prepper?

This book contains fifty of the most important steps that individuals and families can take to prepare for a wide range of disasters. Each step is complete, clearly described, and actionable. Together, they cover every aspect of disaster preparedness, including assessing the threats, making a plan, storing food, shoring up your home, administering first aid, creating a safe room, gathering important papers, learning to shoot, generating electricity, keeping warm, and much more.

Recent events have reminded us that our world is a dangerous place, whether it is a deadly tsunami, a nuclear meltdown, or a stock market collapse. Our lifestyle and even our very existence is forever uncertain. Join the quickly growing community of individuals and families determined to stand ready. Become a prepper!

"Provides practical information for families seeking to organize their preparedness efforts." --James Talmage Stevens, Making the Best of Basics

"Compared to other books with similar titles, this manual really delivers! A great book for anyone's bug-out bag."--Shane Connor, ki4u dot com

"What I appreciated most from this book is Bradley's focus on being prepared so that we can help those around us, and the unintimidating, conversational style in which he presents the information." --Cindy Baum, Books and Chocolate

"Was hooked by the first few pages of the Introduction!  Great synopsis of reasons to prep."--David Marshall, Reviewer for American Prepper's Network

About the Author:
Dr. Arthur Bradley holds a doctorate in engineering from Auburn University and currently works for NASA. Having lived all across the United States, he writes from personal experience about preparing for a wide variety of disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, house fires, massive snowstorms, electromagnetic pulse attacks, and solar storms. He has been featured in the New York Times, Money magazine, the Toronto Sun, and numerous radio shows. Dr Bradley subscribes to the philosophy that preparedness should always be motivated by love and concern, never by fear and paranoia. His practical approach to family preparedness has received widespread praise from individuals, emergency preparedness groups, and religious organizations. He is the author of several highly acclaimed books on disaster preparedness, including the “Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family,” “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms,” and the “Prepper’s Instruction Manual.” He conducts free seminars around the world, teaching individuals and families how to establish effective disaster preparedness plans.

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