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Tough Times Survival Guide Volume 2


Take control of your family's safety, health and security with this handy guide. In Volume 2 the authors reveal their secrets about self-reliance, health care and personal security in such chapters as:

  • Hard-Times Transportation
  • Stockpiling, Stashing, and Caching Ammo
  • The Survivalist's Medical Kit
  • Home Security with Inexpensive Safes
  • Hiding Valuables in Your Home
  • How to Handle a Vehicle Rescue on Your Own
  • Inexpensive Tactical Firearms Training
  • Family Survival Strategies for Large-Scale Emergencies

All this plus 20 more intriguing essays gathered from best-selling authors.  Bargain hunters, home workshop improvisers, frugality nuts, the self-employed, the unemployed, traditional survivalist types—Tough Times Survival Guide is an instructive, entertaining resource for all motivated citizens who recognize the value of saving money whenever and wherever they can, managing their own personal safety and becoming more self-sufficient in their lives.

8-1/2" x 11", 158 pages, softcover, illus., photos