C-9795 SURVIVAL END GAME: The 21st Century Solution


Long-time readers of Ragnar Benson know that he has made a life's work of observing and writing about survival in numerous countries and societies around the world, up close and dirty. He has covered everything from mud-hut survival in Kenya, Somalia, and Burma to gritty urban survival in Beirut, Havana, and Cairo. Ragnar has also lived as a survivor for more than 50 years at his rural U.S. home. In his first survival book in more than a decade, Ragnar

-Assesses the current economic situation in the United States
-Compares it to what is currently happening in Greece, Spain, and other distressed European nations
-Analyzes what has and hasn't worked in past and current ­economic meltdowns
-Outlines what has and hasn't changed this time around so you can combine classic survival wisdom with specific strategies for today's realities
-Offers solid indicators to predict not only what lies ahead but also when they will occur

According to Ragnar, the chief difference between the looming economic crisis and those of the past is its duration. Whereas in the past, emergency preparations were often for weeks or months, today's preppers must make plans for years—anywhere from four to six years, Ragnar estimates. That involves a lot of food, water, energy, cash, security measures, and other survival necessities, at a time when normal resupply sources are uncertain at best or cut off ­entirely in the worst-case scenario.

How do you revamp your survival end game from weeks or months to years? Ragnar offers 21st-century solutions so survivors can begin their efforts now while there is still time.


Ragnar Benson is America's most-esteemed survival expert. He has written more than 20 books throughout the years on a variety of topics covering everything from weapons to politics to survival medicine.

1) What Hasn't Changed?
2) Knowing What Is Ahead
3) Survival Relocation
4) Water
5) Finding Value During the Collapse
6) Three Sources of Food
7) Energy
8) Shelter
9) Security
10) Medical
11) Equipment and Supplies
12) Employment and Retirement Relative to the Rules of Threes

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