C-135 The M-14 Rifle Maintenance Manual


The M-14 is still thought by many to be the finest battle rifle the U.S. has ever developed. In this well illustrated manual, the M-14 and M-14E2 are covered thoroughly. Complete disassembly and assembly are shown as well as: operation and functioning, stoppages and immediate action, maintenance, ammunition, and accessories. The latter section includes the M2 bipod, M6 bayonet knife with M8A1 scabbard, M-76 grenade launcher, M-15 grenade launcher sight, M-12 blank firing attachment and M-3 breech shield, plus the little-known winter trigger kit. This book is a must for owners of M-14 or the Springfield Armory’s great M1A1. 81/2x11, softcvr, 50pp., illus.