C-080 U.S.A. The Urban Survival Arsenal


It’s just wonderful, isn’t it? Sitting there in your fortified bunker behind a triple-locked door, listening to the money in our wallet shrivel, knowing that somewhere there are squads of dope crazed savages combing through mounds of rubble, selecting razor edged cudgels to crush your skull the next time you’re desperate or foolish enough to venture into their darkness. Down the street - in that shiny new Federal office complex, there are covens of sniveling bureaucrats poring over volumes of forgotten laws, looking for some metalegal reason for vaporizing your weapons in a government blast furnace. Are you going to sit there like an idiot until the first waves storm down your street, hoping to escape in the confusion while Federal task forces and looters haggle over your last, pitiful possessions....or, are you going to read The Urban Survival Arsenal, and be prepared? Order now - while you still have an address! 8.5 x 5.5 , 54 pp., softcvr.