C-9647 Winchester Shotguns

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Winchester Shotguns is a story within a story. Since the 1860’s, Winchester has been an icon of the American firearms industry. While the company is best known for its innovative lever-action rifles, the story of Winchester shotguns is no less significant today among collectors and shotgun enthusiasts. Spanning the decades and every model designed and produced under the Winchester name, author and historian Dennis Adler has photographed examples of the world’s finest shotguns and compiled an encyclopedic volume of facts, figures and historically relevant information destined to make Winchester Shotguns a must have reference for anyone interested in American firearms. With more than 520 color photographs and illustrations showing individual models, actions and close up details of receivers, and factory engraving styles, this is the most lavishly photographed book ever published on Winchester shotguns. This book chronicles the entire 127 year history since the first British doubles were imported. This is a tale of ambition, of stunning success and heartbreaking failures; a tale not only of guns but of the men who created them for more than a century. 9 x 11.5 , hardcover, 520 full color pictures, indexed, 309 pages, illustrated.